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From "John Sisson" <>
Subject RE: "Variable" Macros Properties
Date Wed, 12 Apr 2006 21:06:34 GMT
I have had success using antcall and params - this allows the properties
to reset each time
    <target name="synchronize escrow files"
            depends="setup configuration"
            description="extract the view to the escrow location">
      <!-- clean up the extraction target -->
      <mkdir dir="${dir.escrow.checkout}" />
      <!-- use the standard extractor for the source -->
      <echo message=" extracting SOURCE to ${dir.escrow.checkout} ..."
      <antcall target="synchronize files">
        <param name="dir.checkout" value="${dir.escrow.checkout}" />
        <param name="stview"       value="${escrow.src.view}" />
        <param name="stconfig"     value="${escrow.src.config}" />
        <param name="starg.quiet"  value="${}" />

    <!-- the whole source set -->
    <target name="synchronize files"
            depends="setup checkout
                   , setup project
                   , setup config
                   , synchronize this
                   , synchronize that"
            description="ensure all files are consistent with StarTeam">
        <echo message="synchronize source complete from '${stproject}'"

    <!-- STARTEAM operations -->
    <!-- dynamic setup for working checkout location -->
    <target name="setup checkout">
      <echo message="StarTeam checkout to ${dir.checkout}" />
      <mkdir dir="${dir.checkout}" />

    <!-- dynamic setup for access to working view -->
    <target name="setup project">
      <echo message="StartTeam access to view ${stview}" />
      <property name="stproject" value="${staccess}/${stview}/"/>

    <!-- dynamic setup for configuration label -->
    <target name="setup real config"
      <property name="starg.config" value="-cfgl '${stconfig}' " />
    <target name="setup fake config"
      <property name="starg.config" value="" />

    <!-- dynamic setup for configuration label -->
    <target name="setup config"
            depends="setup real config
                   , setup fake config">
      <echo message="StartTeam configuration arg ${starg.config}" />

-----Original Message-----
From: Fletcher, Michael (Calgary) [] 
Sent: Wednesday, April 12, 2006 1:35 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: "Variable" Macros Properties

I would like to be able to take a macro parameter such as "devel" and
use this information to compute the actual path where the data is stored
(ex \\pca001\mypath).  Unfortunately I cannot use properties for these
values because they are immutable once set and I may use each macro more
than once.

How would I take a macro parameter and compute a path in a way that the
macro can be run more than once?

I am using Ant and some Ant macros to encapsulate deploying code in my
organization.  In the build.xml for each system I use a single ant task
such as this to deploy the application onto the server.


This is a simplified example of the macro definition.

	<macrodef name="deployCorporateWebApp">
		<attribute name="target-tier" default="pcaw2" />
		<!-- etc -->

			<!-- Setup the target.basepath property -->
			<condition property="target.basepath"
				<equals arg1="@{target-tier}"
arg2="pcaw2" />
			<condition property="target.basepath"
				<equals arg1="@{target-tier}"
arg2="pcaw2" />
			<fail unless="target.basepath"
				message="Unknown target-level." />
			<!-- Compute the rest of the properties. -->
			<property name="target.path" 
				value =
"${target.basepath}\@{target-name}" />
			<!-- Simplified example of the actualy code -->	
			<delete dir="${target.path}" />
			<copy todir="{target.basepath}"/>

This does not work because properties are immutable once set.

Michael Fletcher
Corporate and Executive Systems
(403) 296-4215

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