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From Ron Jeffries <>
Subject Re: Exception in Style
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2006 21:11:08 GMT
On Saturday, April 22, 2006, at 12:59:24 PM, Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:

> If you are using JDK 1.4 or JDK 1.5 and did not do anything special, you
> are using the xalan2 implementation which ships with the JDK.
>> What group or individuals might be interested?
> The xalan-2 j team :
> Note that is quite possible that your bug is already fixed by the xalan
> team, but not yet by sun.
> To rule out this possibility, you need to download the latest releaseed
> version of xalan.

Thanks, Antoine ... I'm a bit confused. There is no jar named xalan,
or anything like it, under my JAVA_HOME, though there is a folder
called xalan in com/sun/org/apache/xalan. (That folder doesn't show
up at all in my file explorer, but does show up after a search.
Maybe it's hidden or something? Got me hangin. Anyway, there is no
xalan.jar under JAVA_HOME.)

There /is/ a jar named ant-xalan1.jar under ANT_HOME, and I had the
impression that Ant uses its own shipped XSL transformer, though it
is a version of Xalan, I guess.

Anyway, if I understand you, maybe I can find the xalan that is
being used, download a new one, and ascertain whether the bug is
fixed in the latest version. If not, I can then join the appropriate
list and submit a bug report to the xalan team.

Or, I suppose, the bug might actually be in the xerces parser. In
which case, I could start digging into that. A better man than I am
would have the time and energy to start down that road and follow it
to the end. I'm afraid there are too many hurdles to jump to get
this issue into the hands of whoever needs and wants to know it.

I've got the bug down to a two line change, so I'm sure it's shallow
if I could get it in front of the right eyes. Getting it in front of
the right eyes, though ... that's a biotch. Maybe later.

Thanks for the response and the pointers, Antoine. I'll try to
generate the energy to push further.

Ron Jeffries
Master your instrument, master the music,
and then forget all that *!xy!@ and just play.  -- Charlie Parker

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