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From "Arun Gupta" <>
Subject XmlProperty caching values
Date Fri, 24 Mar 2006 22:15:56 GMT
Here is an excerpt from my build script:

-- cut here --
    <target name="retailer-client">
        <xmlproperty file="etc/retailer-client-binding.xml"
validate="false" collapseattributes="true"/>
        <echo message="${bindings.wsdlLocation}"/>

    <target name="warehouse-client">
        <xmlproperty file="etc/warehouse-client-binding.xml"
validate="false" collapseattributes="true"/>
        <echo message="${bindings.wsdlLocation}"/>
-- cut here --

Depending upon the order of invocation of these targets, <echo> always
dumps the exact same value of ${bindings.wsdlLocation} in both the

The value, however, is different depending upon the invocation order.
So for instance, if the order is "retailer-client warehouse-client",
then the correct value from retailer-client-binding.xml is displayed
in both the targets. If the order is "warehouse-client
retailer-client", then the correct value from
warehouse-client-binding.xml is displayed in both the targets.

Seems like only the first invocation of xmlproperty is cached and
results are returned.

Any ideas what is wrong ?


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