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From "Mark Lybarger" <>
Subject Re: ant xslt on java 1.5
Date Fri, 31 Mar 2006 10:43:24 GMT
i'll go ahead and reply to my own post. the "solution" seems to put
xalan.jar into the ant lib folder.  With it there, the task works,
without that jar there, it doesn't work.

I tried creating my own xslt task by extending the main task for ant's
xslt.  I thought this might get me around any classloader issues.  I
then put xalan.jar into the classpath of my task, but that gave the
same results.

Maybe I was still running into classloader issues.   I'd really like
to have a "working", standalone xslt task that allows me to specify
the xmlcatalog and

On 3/30/06, Mark Lybarger <> wrote:
> i'm trying to use ant's xslt task on java 1.5.
> Here's my target call:
>                 <xslt includes="docsrc/manual/my-manual.xml"
>                                 style="${tools}/lib/docbook/docbook-xsl/html/chunk.xsl"
>                                 destdir="build/docs/manual">
>                         <xmlcatalog>
>                                 <dtd publicId="-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.2//EN"
> location="${tools}/lib/docbook/docbook-xsl/dtds/docbookx.dtd"/>
>                         </xmlcatalog>
>                 </xslt>
> And the exception is:
>     [xslt] Transforming into C:\dev\workspace-wtp-1.0\myProj\build\docs\manual
>      [xslt] Processing
> C:\dev\workspace-wtp-1.0\ricec\docsrc\manual\my-manual.xml to
> C:\dev\workspace-wtp-1.0\myProj\build\docs\manual\docsrc\manual\my-manual.html
>      [xslt] Loading stylesheet
> C:\dev\workspace-wtp-1.0\tools\lib\docbook\docbook-xsl\html\chunk.xsl
>      [xslt] Failed to process
> C:\dev\workspace-wtp-1.0\myProj\docsrc\manual\rice-manual.xml
> C:\dev\workspace-wtp-1.0\myProj\build.xml:82:
> javax.xml.transform.TransformerConfigurationException: Could not load
> the translet class 'chunk'.
> Any suggestions?  we were directly using saxon via ant's java task,
> but a proxy server went up, and it was failing on validating documents
> because of dtd's not found.  ant's xslt task lets us specify the
> xmlcatalog to get around this.
> thanks!

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