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From "Res Pons" <>
Subject The Saga of My Disparate Build Process continues...
Date Sun, 12 Mar 2006 19:24:07 GMT
We have 3 or 4 projects under Subversion repository control.  Originally I 
had piggy backed along each project's build.xml file to package my Release 
Builds, increment build numbers, check in files, and tag the repository.  I 
even took advantage of Ant-Contrib's if/then/else statement to determine, 
whether a build was a branch or trunk build and package and number it 

I'm now working on organizing my own project at the top level alongside & 
parallel to the other projects where my build.xml will call each project's 
build.xml specific targets, or I may just run their build files target then 
have my build.xml to kick in to copy the artifacts to my project to be 
packaged or some of them to be checked in if necessary, number the build, 
check in the files in those projects and tag them.

My problem is the last part, tagging, due to being outside of each project 
and not being respository-aware.  If I were inside each project, this would 
not be an issue, however, being outside, how am I going to determine where 
I'm in relation to a project and whether that project is branch or trunk?

A question I have for the Subversion group specifically, could I use 
svn:externals to virtually link the build subfolder in my project into each 
project?  I probably should rename my build subfolder to a differ folder not 
to interfere with each proj's build subfolder?


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