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From <>
Subject AW: Introduction to Ant
Date Fri, 10 Mar 2006 07:20:01 GMT
Nice slides
- location/date of presentation is not set ;-)
- how to go to previous slide?

- 3: I love the last sentence
  "Ant is not a programming language"
- 4: maybe you´ll say a few words about which scm´s are supported
  -- scm: svn, cvs, synergy, perforce, ...
  -- also supports JUnit4
- 4: Ant manages dependencies between??? what??
- 5: some IDEs use Ant under their hood for the build process
- 8: project attributes are optional (since 1.6)
- 9: a <target> is not needed by syntax any more (1.6). You could place
  tasks directly under the project. But of course targets should be used
  for more than one or two tasks ;-)
- 9: targets can be conditional (if/unless)
- 10: I think a graph for the dependencies is clearer
- 11: usually tasks dont use references to properties. They use a value. 
  The string 'foo' is given as a value. The string '${foo}' is given as string
  and while that translated to 'foovalue' respective '${foo}' (if foo is not set).
  The task does not know whether the value came from a property.
- 12: a collegue of mine compares properties with string constants
- 12: order of setting the properties
  -- 1st: command line -D
  -- 2nd: <property>s under <project> in their written order
  -- 3rd: <property>s under <target>s in their executed order
- 13: 
  -- what is the difference between properties from file or from resource?
  -- hint: you cant set environment variables from Ant
  -- hint: <loadproperties>, <loadfile>
     (ok, have seen at #27; maybe a hint 'for later')
- 15: too much text (last line is under the green bar at the buttom) I think since a few days it can also hold '1.6' ;-)
- 16: do you also say something about ResourceCollections? Will be very important
  with 1.7...
- 18: also supported by NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, ...
- 19: these steps are written in the manual, but AFAIK not really necessary
  -- ANT_HOME is set by the wrapper script if not present
  -- JAVA_HOME is needed
  -- PATH is only for convenience, you could also use the absolute path
- 20: -projecthelp will use the information provided by <description/> and
  <target description/> and <project default>. If none is there Ant doesnt try
  guess ... 
- 23: <chmod>
- 24: mmmh ..... is <jspc> not 'really' supported (maintained)? 
  AFAIK we prefer using Tomcats own task.
- 27: <condition>
- 28: <exec> <mail>
- 30: maybe a visual representation of the project layout
  (Windows: tree /A /F)
- 31: comment in target 'init' too long for the line
- 31: personally I create a directory where the task is which needed that
  (here javac I think, see also your solution on #33)
- 31: indent of the <description> is other than of the other tasks
- 31: project name differ from the name of the root directory; which name is better?
- 33: would be better to use
  <jar destfile="${dist}/lib/${}-${DSTAMP}.jar" ...
  -- was wrong attribute
  -- reuse the already defined project name
- 35: update the DSTAMP in the jar name ;-)
- 37: typo in 2nd point 'do __multiple__ jobs...'
- 38: list of 'standard' targets? clean, compile, dist, javadoc, ...
- 39: technique of platform + user properties
  <property file="${user.home}/.ant/${}.properties"/>
  <property file="${}.properties"/>
  <property file=""/> <!-- defaults -->
- 41: for homework, provide the java source ;-)

public/private targets:
* public target has a description
* private targets dont have that and their name starts with a '-'
(see )

special environment variables

special files
* ${user.home}/antrc_pre.[sh|bat]
* ${user.home}/antrc_post.[sh|bat]

how to install external tasks?
* ${user.home}/.ant/lib + <taskdef>/xmlns

extended version of the buildfile
* run-target (<java>)
* <jar> with <manifest> and Main-Class attribute


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>An: Ant Users List
>Betreff: Introduction to Ant
>I've just published a new slide show called "Introduction to 
>Ant" at
>Hopefully this can become a useful resource for people 
>learning about Ant, or teaching others about Ant. I'd be 
>interested in any feedback, if people want to suggest any 
>corrections, additions or improvements.
>Joe Schmetzer .:. Renaissance Developer .:.
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