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From <>
Subject AW: How can I access the environtment variable JAVA_HOME?
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2006 13:10:27 GMT
>Also all of the  java system properties(the one you can get with
>System.getProperties) are available in Ant:
>"file.separator" - File separator (for example, "/") 
>"java.class.path" - Java classpath "java.class.version" - Java 
>class version number "java.home" - Java installation directory 
>"java.vendor" - Java vendor-specific string "java.vendor.url" 
>- Java vendor URL "java.version" - Java version number  
>"line.separator" - Line separator  "os.arch" - Operating 
>system architecture "" - Operating system name 
>"os.version" - Operating system version  "path.separator" - 
>Path separator (for example, ":")  "user.dir" - User's current 
>working directory "user.home" - User home directory 
>"" - User account name
>You can use them in your build script as any other property.

They are listed in

and directly accesible in Ant - without the need to <property> them or
having a
special prefix. Just use ${line.separator} ...

See also the manual


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