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From <>
Subject AW: Absolute path properties...
Date Tue, 28 Mar 2006 16:29:13 GMT
>I am working on a project that consists of multiple modules. 
>Each module has an identical folder structure within it. 
>Initially I started by having multiple build scripts (one for 
>each module) but this was a little problematic because there 
>are some dependancies between the modules. It seemed ugly to 
>have one module's build script call another so I went looking 
>for another solution. I found a best practice document that 
>told me to lean towards using a single build script where 
>possible. This made sense to me because if I had one master 
>build script with targets to build each module then I could 
>manage the dependancies with the ant target 'depends'.
>Dependancies would be intra-script rather than inter-script. I 
>decided to adopt this approach.

I would try a build script in each module, <import>ing a standard buildfile.
And a master buildfile calling the different module-buildfiles.

So you´ll get a scenario like described in the last example of <subant>
with the difference that the master buildfile uses <antcall> instead of <subant>

>As I began to build the script I created properties like this....
><property name="module1.src.dir" location="modules/module1/src/java"/>
><property name="module2.src.dir" location="modules/module2/src/java"/>

Would be defined as
  <property name="src.dir" location="src/java"/>
inside the common.xml. 
Because the common file is <import>ed the location is resolved to the importing buildfile

>But when you have properties for docs directorys, lib 
>directorys, classes directorys etc etc and mutliply this by 
>the number of modules it becomes difficult to management and 
>feels like there should be a better solution. 

no more duplicates in that approach ...

>I decided that 
>it would be better to have something like this....
><property name="module1.dir" location="modules/module1"/> 
><property name="module2.dir" location="modules/module2"/> .
><property name="src.dir"  location="src/java"/> 
><property name="docs.dir" location="docs"/> 
><property name="api.dir"  location="${docs.dir}/api"/>
>As the structures in each module are identical I assumed I 
>would be able to refer to the module 2 src dir as 
>"${module2.dir}/${src.dir}", but this doesnt work because both 
>module2.dir and src.dir are resolved to absolute paths which 
>messes up the combining of the paths.

Dont use "location" - use "value" instead.

>My initial solution was to use value rather than location. I 
>can get this to work but then ant will no longer convert the 
>path to one which can run on the current platform (by 
>converting / to \ on windows).

Why it should?
If you really need a windows-specific path for calling an external application or writing
that to a file for an external tool, you could use <pathconvert> for that.

>Hopefully this is a little clearer. I would definately 
>appreciate any suggestions. Assertions that I am a moron and 
>coming about this in the completely wrong way will be less 
>appreciated, but still graciously accepted :)

Dont expect that. Everyone has started at a low level ;-)


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