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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AW: taskdef, class not found
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2006 14:05:37 GMT wrote:
>> Ah, I was fooled by the package name indeed. Thanks for 
>> spotting that Jan. I'm not sure there's a process for that, 
>> but shouldn't the batik folks be warned not to use (usurp) 
>> Ant's package names? --DD
> Changing the package name is difficult for BWC reasons, but a hint would
> be helpful.
> I wont force anyone not to use "our" package, but you should think about
> the sense.
> I would prefer <projectPackageName>.ant as package for Ant-specifica.
> So this would be something like org.apache.batik.ant.RasterizerTask
> instead of
> Should we ping the batik mailing list with a short summary and the link
> to this thread?

yes, the best thing would be to

-move the task to a new package
-with an antlib (we can offer to help there)
-in the documentation, use the new task/antlib
-extend the new task with one at the old location, so existing taskdefs 
and subclassings do not break.
-(optionally) mark that as deprecated


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