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From Fran├žois <>
Subject taskdef, class not found
Date Tue, 14 Mar 2006 01:11:52 GMT
Sorry for the double post:
I'm certain this is the most simple problem that will be addressed today by
competent ant users (I exclude myself of this group, of course)
I have been trying for a while now to make a taskdef for Batik to convert
svg files to jpeg and other file formats.
I have succesfully compiled the task, and added this line to my build file:

<taskdef name="rasterize"
classname="" />

I then proceeded to use the new task:

<project name="RasterizerExample" default="main" basedir=".">

    <taskdef name="rasterize" 
        classname="" />

    <target name="main">
        <rasterize result="image/png"
            dest="output.png" />

Now, when I run the task, ant keeps complaining that the RasterizerTask
cannot find one of the classes it relies upon (which I have found in another
jar file related to the Batik framework).

I know I can add a classpath attribute to the taskdef to specify where to
look for the RasterizerTask class.  But, if, I'm not wrong, this classpath
will not help ant finding the other classes this class relies upon, hence
the error message.

I do hope someone can explain to me how ant follows the class trail from the
taskdef class to all its dependencies.

Thanks much,


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