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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject Re: Checkstyle and junit classloader problem - help
Date Sat, 18 Mar 2006 02:58:47 GMT
On 3/14/06, Le, Vu (EDS) <> wrote:
> Could someone provide me a pointer on this ? Thanks.  I can get
> checkstyle and junit working just fine by putting their jar files in
> ANT_HOME/lib but I don't want to do that and that is when my problems
> come.

You like it the hard way I see ;-)

> I want to use junit, and checkstyle with Ant (1.6.5) but I don't want to
> put my junit.jar in ANT_HOME/lib directory but rather I would like keep
> my junit, checkstyle-all-3.4.jar in one central place.  Here is the
> problem I have

The easiest might be to use the -lib command line arg to adds these
Jars to Ant's classpath. Could be wrapped in a custom startup script.

> To make this work, I need to move ant-junit, and ant-trax.jar out of
> ANT_HOME/lib.

Right. You've done your home work. Thanks for that.

> The problem I face now is that my checkstyle target
> doesn't work.  I follow the tip on apache web site in the FAQ section
> about ant 1.6.* classloader and move the offending ant-xalan1.jar out of
> ANT_HOME/lib and declare my checkstyle target as follow:

Sorry, don't know how to help here. Consider -lib or setting the
CLASSPATH for Ant manually, or consider your "central" place for Jars
to be ANT_HOME/lib ;-)

As an FYI, the latest SVN code (to be released eventually as Ant 1.7)
contains a fix for <junit>, but it's a <junit> specific solution, not
applicable to <checkstyle>.

Sorry for not being more helpful. --DD

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