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From Giovanni Mesturini <>
Subject FTP get from Win32 server
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2006 11:42:01 GMT
Hi community,

I have to get files from a Windows XP FTP server.
Before using Ant I've tried from command line to
verify that the FTP server I use (Golden-FTP) works,
and it does.

This is my ant script:

<ftp action="get"
	<fileset dir="${maven-temp-dest}">
		<include name="**/*.jar"/>

I've tried with standard Ant 1.6.5 and it gave me and
error about no class def found for FTPClient. Then I
followed suggestions from a forum where someone told
me to add commons-net-1.2.2 and jakarta-oro-2.0.8 to
my ant lib in order to solve the problem. That was
true, problem solved, but another one grown up:

Unknown parser type: WIN32

So I'd search something and I found a russian forum
(written in cirillic...) where there was the following
english FAQ:

Q: On which server operating systems is FTPClient able
to bring back a parsed listing? 

A: Currently parsers have been written for UNIX, NT,
OS/2 and VMS and OS400. These can be autodetected by
the code without being specified. Additionally, the
code correctly handles cases where NT or OS400 servers
have been configured to look like unix servers. There
is also a means of specifying a user-written parser by
class name. All of these parsers return FTPFile
objects with as much information about the file as can
be gathered from the listing. 

If none of these is sufficient, FTPClient.listNames()
may always be called. This retrieves just the file
name without other information.


Now, does someone did some successful attemp in
downloading files from a Windows XP (or Win32) server
using ant ftp task?...

Thanks very much


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