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From "Rebhan, Gilbert" <>
Subject RE: Changing the "leading directory" path on a directory tree
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2006 16:34:21 GMT


quick hack,  without handling of file endings, something like =

<!-- Import AntContrib -->
<taskdef resource="net/sf/antcontrib/antlib.xml" />

<property name="path1" value="C:/dir_viewer/Since_Last_Change/abc/yada
yada/yada/Bob's Report.doc" />   
 <property name="path2" value="D:/Final_Files/Docs/abc/yada
yada/yada/Bob's Report.pdf" />    
<target name="main">
<propertyregex property="part2"

 <propertyregex property="part1"

<script language="javascript">
    project.setProperty("final", s);

Buildfile: C:\WKS\Eclipse\test\regexp.xml
     [echo] abc/yada yada/yada/Bob's Report.doc
     [echo] D:/Final_Files/Docs/
     [echo] D:/Final_Files/Docs/abc/yada yada/yada/Bob's Report.doc 

 maybe you could wrap the logic into a macrodef

Regards, Gilbert

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From: Ninju Bohra [] 
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 3:26 PM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: Changing the "leading directory" path on a directory tree

That is why I am using the override="true" in the <propertyregex> task
so that I can keep re-using the property named destfile
The real problem is that I don't know how to replace only the "leading"
directory path.  I want to change
file = C:/dir_viewer/Since_Last_Change/abc/yada yada/yada/Bob's
destfile = D:/Final_Files/Docs/abc/yada yada/yada/Bob's Report.pdf
Note the "leading" directory path (C:/dir_viewer/Since_Last_Change) has
been replaced with the D:/Final_Files/Docs --- while the rest of the
path information stays the same (I can handle the changes of the
Any ideas?

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From: "Rebhan, Gilbert" <>
To: Ant Users List <>; Ninju Bohra
Sent: Wednesday, March 15, 2006 1:32:15 AM
Subject: RE: Changing the "leading directory" path on a directory tree


when dealing with properties within a for loop, you
have to keep in mind, that properties are immutable,
so you have to use variable properties,
f.e. =

<target name="main">

<fileset id="files" dir="T:/foobar/blaa" includes="*.*" />

<for param="file">
<fileset refid="files" />
     Filepath === @{file}
<var name="filename" unset="true" />
<basename property="filename" file="@{file}" />

Filename === ${filename}


if you delete the line

<var name="filename" unset="true" />

the property ${filename} is set in the first loop
and stays the same in all following loops

Regards, Gilbert

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From: Ninju Bohra [] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 14, 2006 11:00 PM
To: Ant Users Group
Subject: Changing the "leading directory" path on a directory tree

Hello all,

I am not sure if I can explain this correctly, so I will show you the
target text and then explain the problem

   <target name="publish.documents" depends="init, fetch.files,
      <property name="changes.dir"
      <property name="output.root.dir"
      <for param="file">
          <fileset dir="${changes.dir}" excludes="${dont.convert}"/>
          <!-- construct the destination full filename and path, need to

               change the extension to .pdf and the replace the "leading
directory" path
               from ${changes.dir} to ${output.root.dir} -->
          <propertyregex override="yes"
            property="destfile"  input="@{file}"
            regexp=".*/([^\.]*)\.cpp" replace="\1"/>
          <!-- invoke the pdf convertor passing the two files paths -->
          <exec executable="C:\Program Files\e-PDF Document Converter
             <arg value="-i"/>
             <arg value="@{file}"/>
             <arg value="-o"/>
             <arg value="${destfile}"/>
          <!-- after converting the file we can delete the source file
          <delete file="${file}"/>
      <!-- Now copy over all the remaining files from changes.dir -->
       <copy todir="${output.root.dir}">
          <fileset dir="${changes.dir}"/>

I copied most of the <for> task text from the example provided in the
ant-contrib documentation and made my modifications.

The problem I am having is in the <propertyregex> task (the first task
afterthe <sequential>), what I want to do is convert filepaths that are
provided in the @{file} attribute from
  C:\dir_viewer\Since_Last_changes\abc\yada yada\yada\Bob.doc
  ${output.root.dir}\abc\yada yada\yada\Bob.pdf

I know the code above will not accomplish all that (the <propertyregex>
is incorrect) but I did not know if it was even possible to do that with
property manipulations anyways.

Any ideas,



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