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From "Stephen McConnell" <>
Subject RE: Compile Sources Specific to Its Subproject But Not Sources They Depend On
Date Mon, 13 Mar 2006 18:25:17 GMT

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> From: TH Lim [] 
> Sent: Sunday, 12 March 2006 4:53 PM
> To:
> Subject: Compile Sources Specific to Its Subproject But Not 
> Sources They Depend On
> Hi,
> I have a directory structure that looks something like this
> -Projects/
>   -ProjectA/
>     +build/
>     +src/
>       +package1
>   -ProjectB/
>     +build/
>     +src/
>       +package2
> I'm using Eclipse 3.x and have set each subproject source to 
> be built with in each subproject build directory i.e. classes 
> from ProjectA/src will be compiled into ProjectA/build and 
> ProjectB/src will be compiled into ProjectB/build. 
> Some of the sources in ProjectA/src depends on sources in 
> ProjectB/src and vice versa
> The classes generated by Eclipse are specific to its 
> subproject i.e. in ProjectA/build I will only see
> package1 and the classes benefit it and package2 is NOT 
> generated in this subproject. The same goes for ProjectB.
> Is there anyway I could do the same for Ant? This is because 
> Ant generates both packages in ProjectA/build directory. 

This does not sound right.  Ant's invocation of the javac task will place
classes into the destination directory that you specify.  From what your
saying here it sounds like your build file is declaring that 
"ProjectA/build" is the destination directory for both projects.

Concerning the circular dependencies - you need factor out what is common
between the two projects and push this into a new separate project that is
consumed by A and B.

Cheers, Steve.

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