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From Ben Pracht <>
Subject Trying to escape quote character in cpptasks type (repost)
Date Tue, 21 Feb 2006 17:05:06 GMT
I'm trying to pass in a macro define to the command line to define the 
level of code being used.  Something like

gcc -o objname.o source.c -DFIXLVL=\"FEB 17 2006\"

the code does something like:
static const char mszFixLvl[] = " " __FILE__ " at " FIXLVL " on " 
__DATE__ " at " __TIME__ " ";

so the value of FIXLVL must have quotes at the time preprocessing begins 
and cannot have been stripped off by ant, cpptasks, or any other thing 
in between.

I'm using cpptasks 1.0b3, ant 1.6.5.

I've tried
<defineset><define name="FIXLVL" value="&quot;FEB 17 


<compilerarg value="-D"/><compilerarg value="FIXLVL=&quot;FEB 17 

I've even tried defining the fix level in a property, and then using the 
property name in the defineset value, but it was too smart for that.

How can I force this thing to listen to me?


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