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Subject out of memory error
Date Tue, 07 Feb 2006 04:26:30 GMT


My problem is I am getting out of memory error when I try to compile java
files( around 1200 ) to create a jar.

I have some questions...

* First time , when I tried to compile the java sources using ant, I got
following error.

  [javac] Compiling 1162 source files to
  [javac] The compiler has run out of memory.  Consider using the
"-J-mx<number>" command line option to increase the maximum heap size.

Imp point : If I compile the sources using javac -J-mx1000000000 -d
$TEMP_SOURCE *.java command , I dont get this out of memory error.

 Then when I tried to use
 but I am getting some                            
 syntax errors like :                             
 The <javac> task doesn't                         
 support the nested                               
 "compilerarg"   element                          

 Following is the part of the build xml file, which I am using.

  <target name="compile" depends="init">
  <echo>Compiling ${}</echo>
  <echo>class path ${classpathref}</echo>
  <property name="classpathref" value="${jar_classpath}"/>
  <mkdir dir="${sap_jar_input}"/>
  <javac srcdir="${javacc}"
   <echo>Finished compiling ${}</echo>

   Would you please go through the above snippet & tell me how to use
<compilerarg line="-J-mx1000000000"/>  ???
   Please suggest some better way of doing this if there is any.

* I want to ask you one more question..
   I need  to build the java files once in a while.
   Now , sometimes when the build fails, I have to  take a lower version of
the failed file.
   In that case if I am using javac -J-mx1000000000 -d $TEMP_SOURCE *.java
command from the unix prompt , I need to recompile
   all the 1200 files.
   How I can avoid this & compile only those previously failed files in the
second round & create the jar file ??
   This will save a lot of time.

  Thanks for your valuable time.

   Prashant Chaudhary
   Stock Options Services,
   Polaris Software Lab Ltd - Mumbai.
   1st CMM-i Level 5 company.

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