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Subject Classpath problem
Date Thu, 16 Feb 2006 09:13:19 GMT

Hi all,

I’m having a very odd problem concerning the used classpath in ant targets.
I have target1 and target2 like this:

<path id="target1.classpath">
        <pathelement location="${build.folder}"/>
        <pathelement location="${lib.folder}/junit/3.8.1/junit.jar"/>
        <pathelement location="${lib.folder}/jmock/jmock-1.0.1.jar"/>
        <pathelement location="${lib.folder}/jmock/jmock-cglib-1.0.1.jar"/>
        <pathelement location="${lib.folder}/jmock/cglib-full-2.0.2.jar"/>

    <target name="target1">
        <junit printsummary     = "on"
               showoutput       = "yes">
            <classpath refid = " target1.classpath "/>
            <formatter type     = "xml"/>
            <formatter type     = "plain"/>
            <batchtest todir="${junit.out.folder}">

<target name="target2">
        <wlserver dir="${wls.domain.conf}" weblogichome="${wls.home}"
                  port="${wls.port}" action="start"
servername="${wls.server}" policy="${wls.home}/lib/weblogic.policy"
                  username="${wls.username}" password="${wls.password}">

Basically, target1 is running a set of JUnit and Mock tests, and target2 is
starting WebLogic. If I try to run both targets separately everything goes
fine. The problem is if I create a third target that runs both target1 and
target2 in sequence. Target1 runs fine and then target2 fails with an
exception related with Mock objects. Therefore, it seems that the classpath
that I define for target1 is available to target2 as well. I would expect
that the classpath that I define is just local to the target I’m running.
Is this assumption correct? Is there any way that I can run both targets in
sequence, without “inheriting” the classpath from target1 at target2 level?


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