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From "Taemin Cim" <>
Subject RE: Broken Junit targets
Date Tue, 14 Feb 2006 03:15:37 GMT
Hi again,

>The ant-junit.jar is dependent on the JUnit jar file.
>You can add JUnit to ${ant.home}/lib, or your ${user.home}/.ant/lib

I have the junit.jar on the test.classpath in the build file.  How else 
should I associate the junit,jar witht eh ant-junit.jar?  Where should I 
"add JUnit to ${ant.home}/lib, or your ${user.home}/.ant/lib"  If the 
junit,jar in on the test classpath, and ant knows it has ant-junit.jar, what 
more should I do (and how did I break this connection after a year or 

I have a bashrc script to set environment variables:

export ANT_HOME=/home/timmy/apache-ant-1.6.5
export JUNIT_HOME=/home/timmy/junit3.8.1

I have a properties.xml to set ant variables:

  <!-- Load Environment Variables  -->
  <property name="ant.home" value="${env.ANT_HOME}" />
  <property name="junit.home" value="${env.JUNIT_HOME}" />

  <!-- library directory mappings -->
  <property name="junit.dir"   location="${junit.home}"/>

  <!-- JAR file mappings -->
  <property name="junit.jar" location="${junit.dir}/junit.jar"/>

In my Ant build.xml file I have:
  <property name="junit.fork" value="true"/>
  <path id="test.classpath">
    <path refid="compile.classpath"/>
    <pathelement location="${junit.jar}"/>
    <pathelement location="${build.dir}/classes"/>
    <pathelement location="${build.dir}/test"/>
  <target name="test-batch" depends="test-compile">
    <junit printsummary="withOutAndErr" haltonfailure="false">
      <classpath refid="test.classpath"/>

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