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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AW: AW: Support for JUnit 4?
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 11:50:20 GMT wrote:
> I dont think you concur with me, Steve.
> I dont see any advantage using annotations in JUnit4 neither.
> My point is another: if people use the most current version of the "standard"
> unit testing framework, the "standard" build tool should support that.
> (Personally I wont use JU4 as long as I dont see any advantages and even dont migrate
existing testcases) 

I have no plans to migrate existing stuff either. The issue is not just 
junit, its all the extensions, httpunit, dbunit, etc, have created an 
ecosystem where I am happy to live. For one project we utterly abuse 
junit and, by relying on knowledge of its internals (the fact that it 
looks for a static method called suite() returning a TestSuite), we 
generate test cases for every file listed in a manifest doc, instead of 
one per method. Then there is the integration with every IDE and build 
tool out there, and the distributed junit deploy component that I have 
for smartfrog that hosts junit on different boxes.

And no, Java Development with Ant, 2nd edition, is not adopting junit 4 
either. I'm using annotations for hibernate persistence, but not for 

I am glad that they have at least retained backwards compatibility, but 
will have to play with it to see what it brings to the table.


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