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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: AW: Support for JUnit 4?
Date Wed, 22 Feb 2006 10:06:38 GMT wrote:
> Because JUnit4 is just released and it seemed to me that it wasnt very clear available
in the cvs (as Gump has used only the 'old' 3.8.1), I doubt that there are many thoughts about
integrating JUnit4 into Ant yet.
> JUnit4 also needs Java5 due to extensive use of annotations and generics. Ant´s guideline
is to be buildable on JDK1.2. Therefore JUnit4 could be only an optional add-on - like apt
> What does Ant with JUnit at this time? Having a JUnitRunner (<junit>) and building
a report from that output (<junitformat>). From the user point of view nothing changes.
Ant does not use on of the existing JUnit runners (AFAIK) - it implements its own. 
> We could see how to run JUnit4-tests with that and where enhancements are needed.
> If you want to spent time on that you´re welcome ;-)

I concur with Jan here.

I'm personally  not happy with the junit4 dev process, and neutral about 
the architecture. My (work) colleagues and I don't see what annotations 
bring to the table compared to methods of well-known names. Really.

this is actually a recurrent problem with Java5 code -look at EJB, it's 
gone overboard in annotating everything rather than just having a few 
useful interfaces like "lifecycle". It goes one step worse with 
extensions like hibernate, which adds installation-specific tuning 
options (like batch fetch size) to the source.

So no, I'm not in a rush to do Junit4 specific work.

As it is clearly on your todo list, I would recommend

-getting on the Ant developer mail list.

-start by helping us add java5 specific tests that let us see where the 
existing junit runner fails. We can selectively run these.

-see what tweaks we need to do to the testrunner and reporting XSL sheets.

Despite Jan's Java1.2+ warning, we can add support for Java5 in 
something optional, that is classes that only get built in java1.5, or 
via introspecation. This cannot be at the expense of older systems, 
however; the old runner must remain.


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