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From "Rebhan, Gilbert" <>
Subject Solved : replace &lt; with < in property ??
Date Fri, 03 Feb 2006 14:02:54 GMT

Hi, Jacob

thanks for your suggestion, i also thought of that,
but i didn't work either, as the guys creating the
xmlpropertyfile are using jdom for xmloutput.

seems like jdom automatically writes &lt; for < and 
&gt; for > so it get's


which doesn't work.

But finally i solved it with =

switching back to old format, so the xmlproperty i get
from the webapp looks like =


then echo all properties i want in my mail to a  file
<echo file="${ant.working.dir}/infomail.html"><![CDATA[
... a lot of <p> and <br> for formatting
</body></html> ]]>

and later in mail task i use messagemimetype="text/html"

Before i had a file in simple txtformat and no messagemimetype 
so automatically text/plain was used.

Now all my tags appear as < and > in mailbody

Regards, Gilbert

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From: Jakob Fix [] 
Sent: Friday, February 03, 2006 10:45 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: Re: replace &lt; with < in property ??


[jumping into this discussion a bit late]

On 03/02/06, Rebhan, Gilbert <> wrote:
> Background = users  write some instructions
> for Websphere admins in a text field of a webform.
> Often the instructions contain some xml snippets for
> editing configfiles.
> All the input of the webform is put into a xmlpropertyfile,
> so xmltags have to be masked - right now with &lt; and &gt;
> (as usual) to get a wellformed xmlpropertyfile.

wouldn't it be possible to put the data in an unparsed <![CDATA[ ]]>
section inside you xmlproperty file, rather than "masking" the special

I haven't tested this, though.  In general, converting xml by hand or
regexp should be avoided and be done by the parser.


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