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Subject Re: Deployment to Websphere 6
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 12:13:21 GMT
Hi Antoine,

Thanks for the response.

>>a) use one of the options below

>>    * -lib jars in the order specified by the -lib elements on the
>>      command line

I should have also mentioned that I'm using Ant integrated into Eclipse 3.1
with the bootstrap.jar added to the Ant classpath so I think this is being
done already.

>>    * jars from ${user.home}/.ant/lib (unless -nouserlib is set)
>>    * jars from ANT_HOME/lib

Adding the jar to these does not solve the problem.

The solution of adding the Jar to the classpath works but, as you said, it
is certainly not a nice way of doing this.

Regarding the class loader:
If I have specified the jar in the runtime classpath for ant, then call the
IBM class to stop the server from a build file supplied to ant, do they not
share a loader?
If not, wouldn't a child loader load this IBM class which would then have
access to its parent loader which would contains the required jar?


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Hello Sam,

there are cases where the only options which really work are :

a) use one of the options below

    * -lib jars in the order specified by the -lib elements on the
      command line
    * jars from ${user.home}/.ant/lib (unless -nouserlib is set)
    * jars from ANT_HOME/lib


b) put the required jar file in the CLASSPATH environment variable
before you start ant
(would work, not recommended)

behind these suggestions : if the bootstrap.jar is really containing the
missing class com/ibm/ws/bootstrap/WSLauncher,
a possible explanation why the class is not found could be that the
class gets instantiated by another class which is in a "higher"
which does not delegate back to "children" classloaders.

Also, try to decompile this WSLauncher class, and make sure that it is
not referring to another class which would not be in your classpath.
For instance if WSLauncher extends say GenericLauncher and
GenericLauncher is not in your classpath, this might also result in the
NoClassDefFoundError (not sure).

Antoine wrote:

>I am automating the deployment of an Ear file to Websphere 6 using Ant
>I've been doing this with no problems using Websphere 5 but encountering
>problems when now using Websphere 6 and the same deployment code.
>I use the ant tasks defined in wsanttask.jar which comes bundled with
>Websphere. Firstly, I simply try to stop an application.
>I define a new ant task mapped to the required class in the wsanttask.jar
>then use it in the build file:
>  <target name="Stop App" >
>    <stopApp wasHome="XXX" server="XXX" application="XXX" />
>  </target>
>This is the same as for Websphere 5 but on Websphere 6 I receive the
>following error:
>java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/ibm/ws/bootstrap/WSLauncher
>I have tried adding the jar file to the classpath of Ant, WS and copying
>the required jar (bootstrap.jar, I believe) into the Ant lib directory.
>This should be a very simple step to perform but I cannot solve this. Does
>anyone have any ideas?

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