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From "Javier Ballesteros" <>
Subject Problems deleting files or directories via ftp
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 15:36:41 GMT
Hi all!

	I have a simple piece of code, to remove files and/or directories, Ive just
copied the most simple example, and every time I try to execute it, I
obtaoin an ftp 550 error. I'm the only user of the ftp, no process is
locking the file, I have all the permissions, and samples for uploading are
workig properly.

	I paste the code and the output:

	<ftp  	action="delete"
       		remotedir="remote_dir" >
      			<include name="**/*.xml" />

     [echo] Conexion FTP a para borrar destino
     [echo] Borrando los directorios FTP del cliente: ismc_pruebas/cliente
      [ftp] deleting files
      [ftp] deleting ne 10:33 ejb-jar.xml

Total time: 2 seconds


C:\jakarta-ant-1.4\bin\subida.xml:55: could not delete file: 550 ne 10:33
ejb-jar.xml: No such file or directory.

	The error tell me that the file that I want to delete is not found. I don't
understand, please can help me?

Version of ANT:1.4 under Windows NT.

Thankx in advance!

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