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From "Javier Pavier" <>
Subject RE: Convert fileset into command-line args, allowing for spaces in directori
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 14:19:50 GMT

>hmm, dont know what this stuff should do. But if it works for you,
>I can skip that ...

It just creates fileset of the files I need. It works :-)

> ><pathconvert pathsep=";" property="theCommandLineFiles"
> >refid="my.files"/> which will semicolon separate my files for
> >me ... ok, but how do I then get these as command line args on
> >a <java> task ?
>One string will be passed to main(String[]) when using <arg line> have
>to have a look what <arg path> would do.

I don't want one string. I want each file to be passed as a separate command 
line arg.
The application cannot be changed. It takes args in and each file should be 
a separate arg.

If I use <arg line="..."> I get the problems with spaces being used for 
separating the files and so Ant splits the files at incorrect places.

If I use <arg path="..."> it passes a single command line arg.

Lets give an example, if my FileSet has
/my/file/with a space/file1

I want these both passed in as they are there as 2 separate commandline 

Thanks for your response.

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