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From <>
Subject AW: Unit test a build
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 15:10:53 GMT
You can download a svn snapshot at 

But it seems that the snapshots doesnt include the sub projects.


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>Von: Clifton Craig [] 
>Gesendet: Dienstag, 24. Januar 2006 15:56
>An: Ant Users List
>Betreff: Re: Unit test a build
>That sounds like exactly what I'm looking for. Only there's 
>one big problem. 
>I'm behind an authenticating HTTP proxy and I can't seem to 
>get my svn client to get through it. Our in office proxy has 
>traditionally caused me such problems and I faced this about a 
>month ago when I was trying to retrieve the FOP trunk. I 
>somehow got it to work then but I'm not sure how. I've never 
>used svn before (asides from my clumsily fumbling and actually 
>getting the FOP trunk). I read somewhere that certain proxies 
>don't handle the extended web-dav commands well or pass them 
>through the way they should. I'm not sure if that's my problem 
>or not. I also read that one solution involved either 
>switching from http to https (or the other way around, I'm not 
>sure). Could you or someone knowledgeable help me get my svn 
>client to retrueve the Ant trunk so I can play with Antunit? Thanx!
>Clifton C. Craig, Software Engineer
>Intelligent Computer Systems -  A Division of GBG 
>On Monday 23 January 2006 11:58 pm, Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Ninju Bohra <> wrote:
>> > I too created test cases for my build files (actually they 
>are build 
>> > files for testing my custom tasks, but they are still build files).
>> >
>> > I used the BuildFileTest class as the base class (that my JUnit 
>> > classes extended from).
>> This is the traditional way Ant used itself, but this is going to be 
>> replaced by AntUnit step by step.  The difference is that you don't 
>> write a Java class at all.
>> Say I want to test the <touch> task and validate it creates 
>a file, I 
>> write a build file:
>> <project xmlns:au="antlib:org.apache.ant.antunit">
>>   <property name="foo" value="foo"/>
>>   <target name="tearDown">
>>     <delete file="${foo}" quiet="true"/>
>>   </target>
>>   <target name="testTouchCreatesFile">
>>     <au:assertFileDoesntExist name="${foo}"/>
>>     <touch file="${foo}"/>
>>     <au:assertFileExists name="${foo}"/>
>>   </target>
>> </project>
>> > The class provided some convience methods for reading the 
>> > initializing the project, and accessing property and log output 
>> > (very useful when verified build behavior).
>> AntUnit provides a generic <assert> task (with a nested 
>condition) as 
>> well as a bunch of macrodef'ed asserts and
>> > but I never quite thought of "testing" a build script with unit 
>> > tests (it seems a bit recursive as you would need a build 
>script to 
>> > invoke the build you are testing...)
>> an <antunit> task to do just that.  The task takes a bunch of build 
>> files and runs the targets whose names start with "test", 
>with special 
>> handling for targets names setUp and tearDown.  And it provides for 
>> test listeners.
>> Stefan
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