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From <>
Subject AW: text books on ant
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 06:56:23 GMT
When I started with Ant I read the manual, followed the mailing lists, then started hacking
some buildfiles and then reading the source code. 

In the meanwhile the manual is much better than to my 1.3-time :-)
And I am the fan of tutorials so do the commercial here ...
  Tutorial: Writing Tasks
  This document provides a step by step tutorial for writing tasks.
  Tutorial: Tasks using Properties, Filesets & Paths
  After reading the tutorial about writing tasks this tutorial explains how to 
  get and set properties and how to use nested filesets and paths. Finally it 
  explains how to contribute tasks to Ant.


>-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
>Von: Steve Loughran [] 
>Gesendet: Donnerstag, 19. Januar 2006 13:00
>An: Ant Users List
>Betreff: Re: text books on ant
>Stefan Bodewig wrote:
>> On Wed, 18 Jan 2006, Matt Benson <> wrote:
>>> We usually hype Erik and Steve's Java Development with Ant from 
>>> Manning:
>> which doesn't cover Ant 1.6, it was published very close to the 
>> release of 1.5.
>code frozen on the day of the launch :)
>>  As Steve has hinted several times now, a second edition 
>that's going 
>> to cover Ant 1.7 is in the works.
>yeah, I'm about 2/3 of the way through the update. The hard 
>part is not just updating the ant bits, but how the rest of 
>the java world has changed too. I have had to learn about EJB3 
>last week, for example.
>> I'm not aware of any book that covers Ant 1.6, but there may be some.
>> I'd check the "Resources" link at the Ant web site and read some of 
>> the stuff available online.
>The O'Reilly book does cover Ant1.6, but it doesn't really 
>look at the new stuff, like <import>,<presetdef> and ant libs, 
>and I don't remember how much detail it goes in to writing tasks.
>This slideset looks at what ant1.6/1.7 does, though there is 
>an error in my description of how import works :
>Expect a new release of JDwA in the summer. If you are 
>curious, all the source for the examples is hosted (live) on 
>sourceforge under
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