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From Ken Gentle <>
Subject Re: error msg for incorrect jar/basedir value
Date Mon, 16 Jan 2006 21:16:48 GMT
It sounds like either Ant Core or Java is performing a "trim" in one 
path of execution that is not being performed on the other. (On a 
second read, sounds like is ignoring the trailing blank 
while DirectoryScanner thinks it is significant).

I don't have this source in front of me at the moment, but perhaps 
retrieving the file name from File to use in directory scanning is 
the way to go.  This would push any platform dependent behavior back 
onto the JRE.

The additional information in the error message is handy; However, I 
don't think it is the root problem.



At 12:04 2006-01-16, you wrote:
>I did make a modification to
>The additional output confirms that File.exists() thinks that the
>directory with an extra space exists.  The change that could help is
>to quote the directory name so the space is more promentent.  See
>       [jar] go-get abs path abspath="C:\src\ant-jar-filespec-prob\jar-root "
>       [jar] go-test abs path absfile.exists='true'
>C:\src\ant-jar-filespec-prob\build-basedir-space.xml:58: IO error
>scanning directory dir='C:\src\ant-jar-filespec-prob\jar-root '
>Total time: 1 second
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