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From Tim Meals <>
Subject Re: AW: XmlProperty patternset reference
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 18:28:35 GMT
Jan --

I've tried.  :(

I think you're right about importing a build file.  That's just what I 
was going to try next.  I was hoping to keep the patternsets defined in 
the properties definitions, that way I could build archives (WARs & EARs 
mostly) for each specific environment by using a set of properties 
rather than Ant build files.

Thanks for the resonse,
Tim wrote:

>Dont know .... have you tried?
>What you _can_ do is defining the patternset in its own buildfile and
>import that.
>Or via XML entities.
>>Is it possible to set a <patternset> within an XML property 
>>file using the semanticAttributes setting?  I see where you 
>>can have an element with a pathid attribute, which is 
>>interpreted when semanticAttributes is set, but I would like 
>>to define a patternset that is used by the build file.  The 
>>relevant portion of my build.xml file is:
>>   <war warfile="warfile.war" webxml="web.xml">
>>       <classes dir="classes">
>>          <include name="**/*.class"/>
>>          <include name="**/*.xsl"/>
>>          <patternset refid="webinfclasses"/>
>>       </classes>
>>       ...
>>   </war>
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