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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Deployment to Websphere 6
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 14:54:53 GMT wrote:

>The solution of adding the Jar to the classpath works but, as you said, it
>is certainly not a nice way of doing this.
>Regarding the class loader:
>If I have specified the jar in the runtime classpath for ant, then call the
>IBM class to stop the server from a build file supplied to ant, do they not
>share a loader?
what really matters is :

- which class is instantiating  the WSLauncher class ?

I have stumbled against the same problem when I created an ant task
which was doing some work with MQ Series across a JNDI driver.

I had to put the JNDI driver in the classpath before starting ant,
because the JNDI driver gets loaded by the Java Runtime, which is living
in a classloader which does not know ant and
certainly not the <taskdef/> of the custom task which requires it.

So my experience is that you have to put in the classpath all drivers
which are loaded by the Java runtime (JNDI or JDBC drivers are the
examples which come to mind). Maybe this WSLauncher class is written
in such a way that it is an implementation of an interface known
generally to the java runtime, and it gets instantiated with a

This type of questions gets discussed often on the user list and on the
dev list.

for instance :

posting by Rainer Noack with a patch

bug report in bugzilla :

Actually there is a lot of litterature concerning this issue, so I hope
that the other posters who have written something about this issue do
not feel offended that I do not citate them.


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