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From "Keith Hatton" <>
Subject Using mapper to rename files included in WAR
Date Tue, 24 Jan 2006 10:35:16 GMT
I'm using Ant 1.6.2 and I need to include deployment descriptor files in
the WEB-INF section of my WAR file. However I need to rename them when I
include them so that, for example, console-weblogic.xml becomes
weblogic.xml and console-orion-web.xml becomes orion-web.xml.

I skimmed the section on mappers and hoped that the following (this is
in a <macrodef>) would work:

<war destfile="..." webxml="...">
    <webinf dir="${descriptors}/@{appserver}/web">
        <mapper type="glob" from="console-*.xm*" to="*.xm*"/>
        <include name="console-*.xm*"/>

I get the following error:
    The <zipfileset> type doesn't support the nested "mapper" element.

So obviously I am doing something wrong. The manual section on mappers
doesn't really give me enough context to see what I should be doing
instead - any suggestions?


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