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From "Anderson, Rob (Global Trade)" <>
Subject RE: When is the next release?
Date Mon, 30 Jan 2006 19:45:33 GMT
Even with the binary distribution, unless you have the dependant jars some tasks will not work.
So if you want a "fully working" Ant release, you need to get the 3rd party jars whether you
are building from source or using the binary dist. Of course the term "fully working Ant distribution"
is relative. The binary distribution I am using does everything I need it to do, yet I have
not downloaded all the dependant jars that are needed to make every task work. Building from
source is not for everyone. If you want something that just works, use the binary distribution.
For reference, all the dependencies are listed in the manual (
Get the jars you need, or all of them, then put them in your binary dist.

-Rob A

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> From: Clifton Craig [] 
> Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 6:32 AM
> To: Ant Users List
> Subject: Re: When is the next release?
> So what you all are saying is that without all of the 3rd 
> party jars the best I can get out of the ant source distro is 
> an incomplete build? I checked and that is right, the 
> optional task jars are all empty. I also looked around for a 
> fetch.xml and could not find one. That is somewhat 
> discouraging as I was hoping for something that would just 
> work without having to do extra steps. I think that I'll just 
> grab the binary distro for now. I'm also giving up hope
> (temporarily) for antunit as I heard it is incompatible with 
> the latest release and that I needed a svn build. If I can't 
> build the release version I'm sure not going to try my luck 
> with a svn build. Thanx.
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> Clifton C. Craig, Software Engineer
> Intelligent Computer Systems -  A Division of GBG 
> On Thursday 26 January 2006 5:16 pm, Clifton Craig wrote:
> > Does anybody have an idea about when the next release of 
> Ant is due? 
> > I'm having some trouble getting 1.6.5 to work as I'm 
> getting an error:
> > Could not create task or type of type: scriptdef.
> >
> > Ant could not find the task or a class this task relies upon.
> >
> > I get this even after copying the bsf.jar and bsh-2.0b1.jar into 
> > $ANT_HOME/lib. I've verified that the lib folder has 
> > ant-apache-bsf.jar in it as well. I built my Ant-1.6.5 distro from 
> > source and while it built I did notice some warnings that I did not 
> > pay attention to. Maybe that has something to do with it? 
> I'm about to 
> > leave for the day so I'll have to look more tomorrow. Has 
> anybody else experienced a similar issue?
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> > Clifton C. Craig, Software Engineer
> > Intelligent Computer Systems -  A Division of GBG 
> >
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