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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: Copy a directory list
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 20:29:51 GMT

--- Clifton Craig <> wrote:

> ;) I must clarify that 
> my tone was not intended as a heated tone. It is
> hard to express or 
> interperet tone in text so let me assure you all
> that I'm not angry at 
> anybody.

Okay, sorry for the misinterpretation... :)

> I don't like the idea of 
> hacking patternset syntax into a property if there
> is no such tool to take 
> care of this for me. My feeling is that once you
> have to start reading a 
> property into a file and back into a property you've
> taken a wrong step 
> somewhere and things should be able to be done
> better.

Agreed; I hate temp files, and many of the changes I
have made in Ant can be traced back to that simple

>  My take away from all 
> of this is that there is no such way to easily copy
> a list of folders 
> separated by commas and include their contents.
> Simple is being defined as 
> not requiring the list be swapped to disk, not
> requiring third party 
> extensions installed to the base, and not requiiring
> custom ant tasks or 
> procedural logic as each of these approaches involve
> additional functionality 
> that is not part of the base set. 

Hmm... my solution involved nothing but built-in Ant. 
Pathconvert was used to turn your list of directories
into a patternset.  The most "foreign" material used
was a regexp mapper... which should be included w/o
add-ons if you're using JDK>= 1.4 ... what more do you
want?  ;)



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