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From Clifton Craig <>
Subject Re: Copy a directory list
Date Mon, 23 Jan 2006 20:12:14 GMT
Embarassing! Ok, some I misspelt purest. (Or is that misspelled purist.) 
Admitting that I'm not the purest I sought out to be ;) I must clarify that 
my tone was not intended as a heated tone. It is hard to express or 
interperet tone in text so let me assure you all that I'm not angry at 
anybody. I mentioned my purism to convey that I am not in favor of using 
Antcontrib to coerce procedural logic into what should be a declarative build 
system. I take such a stance on that as I've made that mistake (and paid for 
it) the first time I used Ant. Back to the topic. I feel as though (or felt 
as though) there should be a simpler solution for what I'm trying to do. 
That's all. Nothing wrong with any of the responses I've received so far, I'm 
just looking for the cleanest solution for my new prestine build system. What 
I'm learning is that I may need to back track and take a whole different look 
at my current situation of no such solution exists. I don't like the idea of 
hacking patternset syntax into a property if there is no such tool to take 
care of this for me. My feeling is that once you have to start reading a 
property into a file and back into a property you've taken a wrong step 
somewhere and things should be able to be done better.  My take away from all 
of this is that there is no such way to easily copy a list of folders 
separated by commas and include their contents. Simple is being defined as 
not requiring the list be swapped to disk, not requiring third party 
extensions installed to the base, and not requiiring custom ant tasks or 
procedural logic as each of these approaches involve additional functionality 
that is not part of the base set. Once again not trying to sound "heated" but 
trying to clarify my position. It is also sometimes hard to not sound or be 
interpreted as "heated" when those who is help misunderstand the context of 
the question requiring the question be repeated for clarity. The fault, I 
suppose, lies entirely on me as I should be more specific when I post.
Clifton C. Craig, Software Engineer
Intelligent Computer Systems -  A Division of GBG

On Monday 23 January 2006 12:41 pm, Matt Benson wrote:
> --- Ken Gentle <> wrote:
> > Just for the record, the word is "purist" - Mary,
> > Mother of Jesus, is
> > reported to have be "the purest".  :)
> Hmm.  Purism regarding use of the word "purist".  We
> may end up with another "misspelt is misspelled"
> argument on our hands.  I do agree your tone, CC, was
> getting a little heated.  Anyway, take a look at the
> attached, 100% pure Ant (1.6.5) buildfile to see some
> ideas you might have missed.
> HTH,
> Matt
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