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From Markus Innerebner <>
Subject particular fileset question
Date Wed, 18 Jan 2006 13:32:57 GMT
I want to have in my fileset only some jar files located in a particular
folder. In my example the set should contain only that jar files, which
are in folderA and folderB

this is the directory stucture:
${lib.dir} ----- folderA
	    I--- folderB
	    I--- folderC	

This example does not work:

<available file="${lib.dir}/folderA" type="dir"
<available file="${lib.dir}/folderB" type="dir"

<fileset dir="${lib.dir}">
	<include name="**/folderA/*.jar" if="is.folderA.present"/>
	<exclude name="**/folderB/*.jar" if="is.folderB.present"/>

it work only if I explicitly declare the folder:
<fileset dir="${lib.dir}/folderA">
	<include name="**/*.jar"/>

<fileset dir="${lib.dir}/folderB">
	<include name="**/*.jar"/>

Is there a way to do it like in the first example. That's why I want to
use the first example is, that in the include target I can have some
checks if the directory exists or not.

thanks for any suggestion


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