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From <>
Subject AW: How to use ANT as a command shell
Date Thu, 08 Dec 2005 13:19:23 GMT
>>>While I agree with everything in this doc, it shows the 
>pent-up demand 
>>>for a decent command-line app launcher from Java, above and 
>beyond the 
>>>classic "java -jar somejar args" technique.
>>>If/when we refactor Ant's <exec>/<java> logic into a jakarta-commons

>>>project (the maven people, amongst others), would like this, 
>we could 
>>>have a special command line launcher that takes a manifest file and 
>>>automatically runs the program. Smartfrog can do this, but it is 
>>>focused on long-lived deployments, not command line stuff, and we 
>>>believe that all parameters should be encoded in deployment 
>>>descriptors, preferably under SCM. Here, for example is the 
>>>to pull down and deploy axis1.1's TCP monitor, using the maven2 
>>>library to allow dynamic download. Did I mention that 
>dynamic download 
>>>of authenticated JAR files should be a feature of the command line 
>>>launcher ?
>> Hello Steve,
>> would you want to make ant dependent upon a jakarta-commons library ?
>> or would you want to copy the code of <java/> and <exec/> elsewhere ?
>> Until recently the common ant wisdom was that we wanted to 
>depend only 
>> upon the JDK and the XML parser.
>no, it wouldnt be like that. We'd somehow export the bits of 
>the runtime to configure and run programs as a commons-lib, 
>repackaging them to isolate ourselves from version grief.

Mmh, so we tune the ant-launcher.jar and that´s all. Other could just reuse 
that jar with a different configuration?


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