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From Steve Loughran <>
Date Thu, 29 Dec 2005 00:04:02 GMT
Karthik wrote:

> Hi form,
> I am a begineer in here.
> I have a single application and currently 3 systems,
> and need too use ANT to deploy the application on all the 3 systems.
> The systems may increase in next quater...
>   So have to develop the build.xml file in such a way for flexibility....
>  I have gone thru the documentation on using the tasks ,cant figure out how
> to achieve this feature

It depends on the nature of your deployment problem. If its just 'how do 
I copy files to three different systems", then use property file and 
<property file="secure/${server}.properties" /> to pull in a different 
set of properties for each target system.

If you have a more complex problem like "how do bring up my app on 
jboss+mysql on host A, tomcat and derby on host B, with clean install of 
everything if needed", then the project I work on by day, SmartFrog, is 
more suited to your needs: . You can initiate a 
deployment from Ant.


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