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Subject Re: AW: p4 submit problems
Date Fri, 09 Dec 2005 10:51:01 GMT
Hello Antoine,

sorry for the late reply. I have solved my problem.  :)

It wasn't CC's Ant. But i upgraded to eclipse 3.1 which includes Ant1.6.5. The P4 Tasks require
jakarta-oro. Documentation says that any 2.0.x will do, but I have found out that 2.0.3 does
not support a method split(collection, string, string) which 2.0.6 does. 

The background is as follows: In situations where the submission takes a long time, i.e a
lot of files are involved, and someone else submits something simultaneously, P4 assigns your
changelist a number that differs from the one you got when you created the changelist. In
that situation the   P4-task tries to make the specific call to jakarta-oro which is not availabel
in 2.0.3. Fix upgrade to 2.0.6.

I think this info should be included with the Documentation for the P4-Task



On Dec 7, 2005, at 8:48 PM, Antoine Levy-Lambert wrote:
>Hello Jacques,
>are you sure that your CruiseControl system on Win XP is not usins ant
>1.5, where there was a bug ?
>the Perforce tasks in Ant 1.6.x wait on Perforce output and error
>channels to close with a join() method.
>Maybe the p4.exe does not close its output/error channels properly,
>leading ant to believe that p4 is still running ?
>> wrote:
>>fyi: I'm using Ant 1.6.5
>>Hi everybody,
>>I have a problem with p4submit-tasks that occasionally don't terminate on 
>>WinXP. In that case i have the actual submit is fully processed by the server, 
>>but the p4-client "p4.exe" never returns as if it was waiting for some Input 
>>from the server.  This problem coincides with somer P4-server-performance 
>>degradation which suggest that the issue is related to timing problem. The 
>>problem effects the stibility of a CruiseControl continuous integration 
>>buildloop, which makes the problem pretty bad.
>>Has anyone had similar problems, or even know a solution?
>>I had a similar problem before when I was not using the antscript-attribute in 
>>my cruisecontrol-config but that is now longer the case. I'm using the eclipse 
>>antrunner to execute my builds. This has  been working very stable for a long 
>>time. No changes were applied.
>>Everything runs fine on Mac.

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