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From William Louth <>
Subject Re: Target duration
Date Thu, 22 Dec 2005 23:22:16 GMT
You might also want to check out, JXInsight, an extensible distributed tracing and profiling
product that provides a powerful visualization console and indepth JVM metrics (cpu time,
high resolution clock times, thread blocking and waiting, GC, object allocations as well as
JUnit, Log4j and Java Logging trace integrations.
 This articles looks at how JXInsight                                    can be used to trace
and profile the execution                                    of Ant build projects, targets,
and tasks. Showing                                    a new integrated extension for JUnit
that supports                                    tracing of local and distributed (forked
process)                                    tests executed by the Ant JUnit task. Using  
                                 Hibernate 3.0 as the build project example the          
                         article demonstrates how to trace across multiple               
                    JVM's and JXInsight trace extensions (Apache                         
          Ant, JUnit, and JDBC/JDBInsight) - correlating                                 
  transaction paths and SQL statements with resulting                                    distributed
 William Louth
 JXInsight Product Architect
 "J*EE tuning, testing and tracing with JXInsight"

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From: Jeffrey E Care <>
To: Ant Users List <>
Sent: Fri Dec 23 05:29:31 2005
Subject: Re: Target duration

For building WebSphere Application Server we have a custom logger that 
calculates durations for all contexts (i.e. top-level builds, sub-builds, 
targets & tasks). You can do the same fairly easily by extending the core 
loggers that come with Ant.

I would share our code, but unfortunately it's IBM confidential.

Jeffrey E. Care (
WebSphere v7 Release Engineer
WebSphere Build Tooling Lead (Project Mantis)

"Bruno PRIN" <> wrote on 12/22/2005 11:29:16 AM:

> Hello,
> We use ant to build 130 modules.
> The compilation ant building step take over 10 hours, we want to know
> which step spend more time.
> The project is launch several times, i know the time spend by each
> launch of the project but I want to know the detail by target.
> Is there an option to display the time spend by each target ?
> Thanks
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