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From Yves Martin <>
Subject Re: Example Ant 1.6 build files for project with multiple WAR and JAR modules?
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 09:55:57 GMT
"Lawrie Gallardo" <> writes:

> Hi,
> I need to put together Ant 1.6 build files for a project which will have an EAR
> module and several WAR and JAR modules. I ideally want to make good use of Ant
> 1.6 features such as import, macrodef and subant tasks to produce a common
> build file (which each individual module's build file can then import and
> override), a master build file, and a release build file. To avoid re-inventing
> the wheel, I have tried to find an open source project with suitable build
> files to use as a starting block, but I have not been able to find anything
> that fits the bill.
> Does anyone know of an open source project with build files that would be
> worth me taking a look at?

  To avoid to re-invent the wheel, I have designed a light buildsystem 'EL4Ant'
  with modules, dependencies and execution target (for the company I work in
  and then open source). It is really easy to extend with your own targets
  thanks to plugins.

  I really think the code itself is easy to understand (easier than Maven) for
  a Ant user because everything is pure Java and Ant tasks.

  It is usable (since january) but I'm aware many improvements are possible.

Yves Martin

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