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From Kenneth Rose <>
Subject <patch> on <filesets>
Date Sun, 20 Nov 2005 20:12:01 GMT
Hi all,

In my build environment, I have a directory containing a bunch of patches.
I would like ant to apply these patches to pristine sources.  I have tried
something similar to:

    <patch dir="pristine">
      <fileset dir="patches">
	<include name="**"/>
        <type type="file"/>

but I get the error:

The <patch> type doesn't support the nested "fileset" element.

Nuts.  Thinking that the patch command on Unix is a filter, I figured that
I could <concat> all of the patches in a <filterchain> and send the output
to <patch>.  Unfortunately, <patch> does not seem to be a <filterreader>.

I *could* manually specify the patches or I could just <concat> to a
<tempfile>, but both of those solutions are not ideal.  Does anyone know a
way of making <patch> work with a group of patches?



P.S. - Patches should be applied in alphabetical order based on their
filename.  So if I have:


then a_nice_patch.diff is applied before zzz_last_one.diff.

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