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From "Lawrie Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Example Ant 1.6 build files for project with multiple WAR and JAR modules?
Date Fri, 04 Nov 2005 18:58:04 GMT
>Steve Loughran wrote:
>>><item type="gratuitous product placement" entry="2" >
>>>As and when I complete the second edition of Java development with Ant 
>>>(yes, I am behind schedule), there will be some sample stuff that does it 
>>>more simply. I havent written the target to zip up all the source tree to 
>>>provide an example, but I could do that in the next couple of days if 
>>>you'd like.
>>Thanks, Steve, that would be incredibly helpful if you could.
>>BTW I'm really looking forward to the book, so I hope you haven't got too 
>>much left to do!
>well, the 'big project' chapter did take about 10 weeks all in; it is 
>probably so big that it should split into two.
>But I'm backing off from any XDoclet coverage because
>  -XDoclet 1.2.x doesnt work on java1.5
>  -XDoclet 2.0 isnt there yet
>  -Java 5 annotations threaten the value of the tool

XDoclet 1.2.x doesnt work on java1.5???

I had no idea - I had to stick with java1.4 on my last project. Ignorance is 
bliss, as they say...

You got me scurrying to Google, though, and there would now appear to be an 
XJavaDoc snapshot release which lets you use XDoclet 1.2.x with Java 1.5., 
although it wasn't immediately apparent whether this just meant that XDoclet 
would crash if your non-annotated code uses Java 1.5 features, or whether 
you could actually annotate Java1.5 constructs like fields using generics.

>However, there aint java5 annotations for doing taglibs, servlet 
>declarations, or even (I believe) hibernate bindings. All we get are stuff 
>to do with EJB3 (sigh) and JAX-RPC 2.0 bindings of methods to SOAP calls 
>(IMO, RPC is the wrong metaphor for distributed computing over SOAP). Which 
>is what you get when you have JCP working groups full of EJB and WS 

I couldn't agree with you more. You only have to look at the JDO vs EJB 
fiasco to wonder whether it is a good idea to let the big vendors have so 
much influence...

>Who is doing the java5 annotations for taglibs, servlets &c? Maybe there is 
>something in tomcat-land. Otherwise I Dont know what to say on that topic.

Sorry, I'm afraid I can't offer anything here. I'd like to think that 
someone was on to this even though I don't find myself writing many taglibs 
of servlets these days...


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