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From "Lawrie Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Example Ant 1.6 build files for project with multiple WAR and JAR modules?
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 16:16:12 GMT
Hi Ron,

I have searched through the Apache projects, but none of them seem to do 
anything like I am trying to do with Ant (i.e. project containing multiple 
WAR and JAR modules awith common build file which the individual module's 
build files import and override, plus a master build file that runs the same 
target(s) for all build files), or else, like you say, they use Maven.

I am interested in using Maven in the future, and when Maven 2.0 is released 
(not just Beta, with some of the plug-ins I need not available) I think this 
might well be the way to go. However, for the moment I need to stick with 
Ant, but I'm really struggling to find any examples - surely somebody out 
there must have written Ant build files along the lines I've mentioned???


>From: Ron Wheeler <>
>To: Ant Users List <>
>Subject: Re: Example Ant 1.6 build files for project with multiple WAR and 
>JAR modules?
>Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005 07:40:31 -0500
>Did you look at the Apache projects?
>Many of them are using Maven which may be closer to what you want.
>What about Ant itself?
>Lawrie Gallardo wrote:
>>I need to put together Ant 1.6 build files for a project which will have 
>>an EAR module and several WAR and JAR modules. I ideally want to make good 
>>use of Ant 1.6 features such as import, macrodef and subant tasks to 
>>produce a common build file (which each individual module's build file can 
>>then import and override), a master build file, and a release build file. 
>>To avoid re-inventing the wheel, I have tried to find an open source 
>>project with suitable build files to use as a starting block, but I have 
>>not been able to find anything that fits the bill.
>>Does anyone know of an open source project with build files that would be 
>>worth me taking a look at?
>>Or has anybody already put together something along these lines for an 
>>existing project? If so, I'd be incredibly grateful if you could mail me a 
>>copy of these build files so that I could use them as a starting point to 
>>adapt and amend to fit my project's requirements. I know this sounds a bit 
>>cheeky, but I'd really like to avoid the unproductive effort of starting 
>>completely from scratch and re-inventing the wheel...
>>Thanks in advance,
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