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From <>
Subject AW: apply task trouble for command using < and >
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 09:52:53 GMT
ggrrr .... 

next try (why does Alt-S sends (as Ctrl-Return does) and doesnt select
the subject... "nice" outlook...)

>>That's terrific, thanks a lot!  However, unfortunately, I do not know 
>>how to integrate your extension of the Apply class into my 
>current Ant 

I think these steps should works
- compile the class (needs ant.jar on classpath)
- <taskdef>, e.g. <taskname classname="buildmagic.Apply" name="apply2"/>
- use the "new" task

>>Will your update to the "real ant task" be available in some nightly 
>>build, or is a new version around the corner?  I would wait till then 
>>unless given precise instructions (I'm no Java programmer :-)).

We dont have nightly builds (or has that changed???)
There are integration checks by Gump, but no nightly builds.

But you could download a svn snapshot (mmh we had cvs-snapshots, are
there any for svn?) 
and build that.


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