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From "Jon Skeet" <>
Subject RE: The good ol' JUnit problem
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2005 10:34:09 GMT
Steve wrote (replying to me):

> > I think if Ant provided a property for its "home" location 


> ${ant.home}/lib
> ${user.home}/.ant/lib

You star. Could I suggest that ant.home should be added to the manual?
(I did look on the website first, honest!) I suppose I could just edit
it in CVS myself - dangerous path to start down, of course...

> > Perhaps there should be multiple distributions, even - one 
> "bundled" one
> > and one without any of the optional tasks. Obviously it's 
> easy enough to
> > modify a distribution so that it doesn't have things, but 
> for ease of
> > upgrade, being able to take a "stock" distribution is important.
> fetch.xml in the cvs head bootstraps in maven2's library 
> tasks and uses that to retrieve other things.

I'll have a look; the trouble is that if you add the jar file mid-build,
that  jar isn't added to the core classloader (for obvious reasons).
I'll investigate whether using an <ant> task after doing the copy does
the right thing - if it does, then a bootstrapping layer would sort me

I still think it would be nice to separate things out :)
(Maybe that's what you were saying and I'm just being dense though...)


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