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From "D. Bollmann" <>
Subject Starting processes in parallel
Date Mon, 28 Nov 2005 09:56:45 GMT

I am using the same build file to start (JMS) publishers and subscribers:

  <target name="publisher"  ...> ... </target>
  <target name="subscriber" ...> ... </target>

I would like to use these targets to define a new target for starting i 
publishers and j subscribers in parallel (They should be able to send 
messages to each other).

I am thinking about something like:

  <property name="num-of-publishers"  value="6"></property>
  <property name="num-of-subscribers" value="3"></property>

  <target name="publisher"  ...> ... </target>
  <target name="subscriber" ...> ... </target>

  <target name="publishers-and-subscribers">

      <echo message="Starting ${num-of-publishers} Publishers."></echo>
      <??? ...>

      <echo message="Starting ${num-of-subscribers} Subscribers."></echo>
      <??? ...>


How could I express this in "ant"?
Thanks for any help,


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