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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: <subant> with genericantfile changes basedir !
Date Thu, 17 Nov 2005 15:16:37 GMT
Hello Dan,

maybe you could try to use for or for-each in ant-contrib to do what you
If you read the documentation of subant, it is stated clearly AFAIK that
genericantfile changes the base dir.


Dan Finkelstein wrote:

> Hi --
> I have a number of <ant> sub-projects that I wish to call.  I call
> them with the same ant build file.  I have a number of directories
> such as
>    src/localization/en
>    src/localization/fr
>    src/localization/es
> representing all the languages I need to build for.  And I use the
> <dirset> element of <subant> to pluck out each language, "en", "fr",
> "es", etc.
> I'm also using the genericantfile attribute in <subant> to specify the
> name of the build file.
> What is happening is that genericantfile sets the basedir to something
> like src/localization/en, whereas I really want it to remain as it
> was, that is, just inherit the basedir from the project itself.
> Is there a way to override the basedir?  or a better way to implement
> this task?
> Thanks,
> Dan

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