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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: running tests for ant 1.6.4
Date Tue, 15 Nov 2005 17:03:09 GMT
Hello Manish,
when I built ant 1.6.4 all these tests passed.
JarTest should definitively pass.
Can you show the stack trace ?
The problem might be, that the tests might have run against the already
installed version of ant ?

When I do a build, I do it this way.

set ANT_HOME=whereever I want ant installed
rm -rf bootstrap
./ -D"test.haltonfailure=false" install-lite test

(install-lite is like install, just you do not generate the javadoc).
When you do it this way, ant gets installed before you run the tests so
you are really running the tests against what you have built.
I think someone filed a bug rep in bugzilla to ask that we improve our or our build.xml to make sure that the tests run against the
newly built classes or jars even if you did not install them.



Manish Marathe wrote:

>Hello All,
>Thanks in advance.
>I was building ant version 1.6.4. It built perfect. Although while running
>the junit tests that come with the distrition, I am getting errors.
>Following are some:
>Errors with JarTest tests, so I just excluded in the build.xml, although the
>errors keep repeating for successive tests.
><exclude name="${ant.package}/taskdefs/"/>
>Next one was and then it was
><exclude name="${ant.package}/taskdefs/optional/"/>
><exclude name="${ant.package}/taskdefs/optional/"/>
>I believe I am missing something which is dependent on each other. By the
>way I did successful install of ant 1.6.4 earlier. I am building ant on
>RedHat 4 and installed using "sh install"
>Manish Marathe
>SpikeSource, Inc.

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