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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: <setproxy/> doesn't use my authentication...
Date Mon, 14 Nov 2005 10:40:49 GMT
Clifton Craig wrote:
 > I'm trying to go over our company proxy with Ivy and I'm having troubles
 > getting the proxy to see my authentication info (user name/password). 
 > using the <setproxy/> task and supplying it with my correct 
 > info and It still doesn't work. So I dumbed down the problem a bit 
and tried
 > to just use the <get/> task to see if setproxy was working right. Get 
 > bailing out without any helpful description of the problem so I broke 
 > beanshell and tried just opening a URL to the apache-ant web site. 
 > when I started to see 407 errors from the server. I tried various 
 > of setproxy and none of them get me through the proxy. I also tried
 > misspelling the proxyuser and proxypassword attributes to make sure they
 > we're being read in and not mistyped. My intentional misspelling 
generated an
 > error as I expected it would. I'm lost. Can anybody help me get 
through our
 > danged proxy? Thanx in advance!

I think you may just have found a bug in setproxy, one that couldnt be 
tested except against your network, which is why nobody has found it before

1. the best solution would be to find the bug in the proxy class, patch 
it and submit the patch to us in a bugrep. That way we can incorporate 
it into Ant.

2. the fastest solution is to work out which -Dhttp.proxy settings you 
need to get any java app work through the firewall, and set the ANT_OPTS 
env variable to that value.

3. if you use Java1.5, then the JRE can be told to use IE's/Gnome's/ 
Safari's proxy settings. Ant 1.7 will do this automatically, unless told 
not to with the -noproxy option.


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