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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Example Ant 1.6 build files for project with multiple WAR and JAR modules?
Date Thu, 10 Nov 2005 12:58:15 GMT
Lawrie Gallardo wrote:
>> Steve Loughran wrote:
>>>> <item type="gratuitous product placement" entry="2" >
>>>> As and when I complete the second edition of Java development with 
>>>> Ant (yes, I am behind schedule), there will be some sample stuff 
>>>> that does it more simply. I havent written the target to zip up all 
>>>> the source tree to provide an example, but I could do that in the 
>>>> next couple of days if you'd like.
>>>> </item>
>>> Thanks, Steve, that would be incredibly helpful if you could.
>>> BTW I'm really looking forward to the book, so I hope you haven't got 
>>> too much left to do!
>> well, the 'big project' chapter did take about 10 weeks all in; it is 
>> probably so big that it should split into two.
>> But I'm backing off from any XDoclet coverage because
>>  -XDoclet 1.2.x doesnt work on java1.5
>>  -XDoclet 2.0 isnt there yet
>>  -Java 5 annotations threaten the value of the tool
> XDoclet 1.2.x doesnt work on java1.5???
> I had no idea - I had to stick with java1.4 on my last project. 
> Ignorance is bliss, as they say...
> You got me scurrying to Google, though, and there would now appear to be 
> an XJavaDoc snapshot release which lets you use XDoclet 1.2.x with Java 
> 1.5., although it wasn't immediately apparent whether this just meant 
> that XDoclet would crash if your non-annotated code uses Java 1.5 
> features, or whether you could actually annotate Java1.5 constructs like 
> fields using generics.

XDoclet CVS_HEAD works on 1.5; I have it generating servlets and taglibs.

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