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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: delta build in ant.
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 18:31:53 GMT

delta builds are tricky.

the following factors can make a rebuild necessary :
1) changes in the build tools or environment (Operating System, JDK,
ant, external tasks used by your build, ...)
2) change in the APIs of the jars your projects are using,
3) change in the sources of the project being considered,

if you ignore points 1) and 2) and you keep on the file system the
classes of your project, ant and Sun  javac
will rebuild automatically the classes which have been changed. This is
enough if the changes are only changes in method implementations,
but it does not guarantee that classes using the changed APIs will be
rebuilt. Particularly, there is a loophole in the case of changed static
classes using the constants will not be recompiled.

You can take into account point 2) and all the changes in your sources
by using the <dependset/> task of ant.
In this case though, you will not really be doing a delta build, but
rebuilding a whole project when one of the sources of the project
or one of the jars in the compilation classpath has changed.

Hopes this helps,

Antoine wrote:

>Hello all,
>Is there a way to perform delta builds in apache ant?Any real-life experiences over there?
>Any help/info would be welcome!
>best regards;
>Hind Lwahhabi.
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